Single Serve K-Cups

Single Serve K-Cups

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Is a rich, smooth, full-bodied, premium blend of the worlds best sourced coffees which are then hot-air roasted to perfection. Impeccably consistent, and remarkably delicious, it is truly the BEST. COFFEE. EVER. A gift of divine medium roast coffee to help you live your BEST life! 

  • Freshly Roasted to Order.
  • Remarkably Rich Flavor.
  • Hot Air Roasted.
  • Consistent.

How to Use K Cup

K-Cups enable a quick and easy way to enjoy a perfect cup of your favorite brew. Whether you're at home or brewing coffee in the office, it is a breeze.

Materials You Need

  • Keurig machine (or other compatible single-serve coffee maker)
  • K-Cup (your desired flavor)
  • A Coffee cup or mug

Advantages of K Cups 

  • Convenience: Get a simple and quick way to brew a single cup of coffee, everyday.
  • Wide Variety: Available in a wide range of coffee flavors, roasts, and types.
  • Freshness: Individually sealed to preserve the freshness and aroma of the coffee until it's brewed.
  • Portability: Easy to store and transport. Ideal for use in offices, dorm rooms, and even while traveling.
  • Customization: Customize the strength and volume of your coffee.
  • Consistency: Get a consistent and reliable coffee in each cup.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
15 Year Coffee Drinker - Best K Cup Keurig

Every morning, I do something cold, then drink the fresh hot fresh coffee that goes perfect with my favorite dose of steamed milk + cinnamon ☕️🥛

Patricia Valdez
Best coffee ever

Loved this coffee I drink my coffee black no sugar no cream and it has a very smooth mellow taste it is not bitter at all I love a smooth coffee I definitely will be ordering again

Coffee Snobs Rejoice!

I’m a tough critic when it comes to coffee and this stuff is great! Can’t believe I am just discovering this brand. I hope they get the recognition they deserve one day!

Holly J
Beyond Best!

So we did a side by side comparison between BCE and my everyday brand....well lets just say I was floored by the difference! This coffee truly is the best coffee I've ever drank. You can tell the care they take in providing a quality tasting product. I usually have to spruce up my coffee with sweeteners because coffee is usually too bitter to drink without it. BCE has no bitterness and the coffee is enjoyable to drink. Not bitter, the flavor is amazing! Thanks BCE! I'm sold.

Sam Conley
The name says it all.

Best Coffee Ever. Highly recommended. This coffee is amazing.